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Buy with confidence - Simple step-by-step information on how easily we conduct your transaction. In general this is an excellent guide of how to conduct business.


Buy your next vehicle WITH CONFIDENCE
* GREAT PRICES   (most often priced well below KBB or NADA)
* Nationwide Extended Warranty (available on most Cars)
* Personal Touch  (We drive and check our vehicles for visible items)
* PayPal Verified   (Premier member in great standing)
* Proud Member of TIADA in great standing  (Texas Independent Automobile Dealers Association)
* eBay seller in Excellent Standing
* Easy Transaction   (no Sales people, no haggling, everything can be completed via mail, fax or email)
* Family Owned and Operated    (We do all the buying, cleaning & selling. We know our vehicles)
* Excellent Customer Service    (You are treated with respect. Do your research on-line, then come ready to go)



Click, Buy, Ship......

We make your transaction smooth & EASY. Only five (5) steps:

Step 1: Pick it - Choose your next vehicle from our inventory. We have provided you with complete pictures and information. Something is not clear or have a question? Just give us a call or email us. We will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

Step 2: Hold it - Take steps to secure the vehicle before someone else does. All you need here is to send a $400 hold fee via PayPal to place the vehicle on hold for ONE WEEK. This amount will be refunded back to your PayPal account once the full payment and paperwork have been completed within ONE WEEK. You will lose this hold fee if you fail to purchase the vehicle within one week. Hold fee is not transferable from one vehicle to another. Click on the PayPal logo below to continue. (you don't need PayPal account to use this service)


  • Step 3: Add-on Options - Decide on your options, such as:

Professional Pre-buy inspection: We love each of our cars, and believe them to be in a good running condition. However it is highly recommended for you to do a professional 'pre-buy' inspection. You can find a list of several mobile inspection companies in the 'Research' section of our web site. We do not allow our vehicles to be taken to other shops or dealers, and there is no exception to this policy. ALL inspections must be performed at OUR location. Please note that ALL of our vehicles are sold AS-IS, and there will not be any returns or credit, once the transaction has been completed. Out-of State Buyers are HIGHLY encouraged to use this service, since you are purchasing sight unseen, and are unable to test drive and check the vehicles in person. So inspect BEFORE you buy, NOT AFTER which will not do you any good.

Our goal is for you to be happy with your purchase.

Extended limited warranty: If eligible, You may purchase an extended limited warranty on your vehicle. All the initial warranty paperwork and payment is handled by us. We will then submit your paperwork to the warranty company. NOTE: Coverage start date and limitation may affect you. Please read the warranty contract carefully as the contract is between you (buyer) and the warranty company. We have no control over what the warranty company covers or when they start the coverage. You may always contact them for complete information. Purchasing a warranty is YOUR choice, and does not in any way affect the sale of our vehicles.

Step 4: Complete paperwork and payment - We will complete all the necessary paperwork for you. Depending on your location, we can email, FAX or MAIL your paperwork. All you do is sign as noted, and return to us. Payment will need to be paid by Bank Wire Transfer, or Cashier's check (NO CASH, Personal Checks, or credit cards Please) You may also apply for a loan with your choice of lender. Please ensure they contact us to verify terms and funding is acceptable to both parties. For security reason we recommend a bank-to-bank wire transfer. Please read the additional information on payment policy below. 

Step 5: Ship it - Just click on the 'Shipping' from the menu for direct links to various shipping services. Transport companies are insured, however it's always a good idea to start your own insurance on the vehicles as soon as all paperwork have been signed.  We will need the name and the phone number of the company which will pick up the vehicle. Transport will need to contact us a day in advance of arrival. Pick up will be Monday thru Friday from 10AM to 5PM.


Please ensure you comply with all import regulations. Below are some links for info:




  • Additional Payment Information:

X: acceptable forms of payment, under each region listed below

  Dallas Texas US Worldwide
Cashier's check X X X  
Wire Transfer X X X X
Bank Drafts X X    

Cash: Due to security reason we prefer not to accept cash. Stop and get a cashier's check please.

Cashier's Check: Requires 5 business days (one full week) to clear - This means if you are not local, we can NOT release the title for up to one weeks. check MUST be verified with the bank.

Wire Transfer: Somewhat immediate to show during banking hours, but will not clear until after midnight.

Bank Draft letters: We can only accept draft authorization letters for vehicles being registered in Texas.

Blank loan checks: These are blank checks lenders will issue for vehicle purchase. Please ensure you apply for the proper category. You will need to apply for the 'Independent dealer' Purchase and NOT the 'franchised dealer'. Some lenders may have year or miles limitation. It is your responsibility to ensure all your requirements are met. We will need to be able to contact your lender to verify the check prior to vehicle pick up.

'Road Loan' Check: Not accepted, due their very complicated procedure to get paid.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In ALL cases your funds will need to be verified prior to vehicle leaving our showroom. We recommend Bank Wire transfer for security & timeliness. Please note that cashier's check or other bank checks are NOT considered cash, and are not secure until cleared by our bank. Out of state buyers will receive their title usually within 7-30 days from date of sale & after funds have been cleared. All titles will be mailed secure mail with signature at delivery.

Other General Information: Please note, we are not a new car dealership. We sell pre-owned vehicles ONLY. Because of this, all of our vehicles are sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS, HOW-IS. There are NO returns or credit, once you sign the paperwork. You own the vehicle. As is the case with any used vehicle there may be some wear, door dings, or rock chips, etc. All information posted about our vehicles are based on a test drive and a visual inspection. Items such as books & manuals, remotes, extra keys, tire tools, NAV CDs, CD cartridge, floor mats, cigarette lighter etc may or may not be included. Also it is YOUR responsibility to ensure everything is in working order. We also do not check the functionality of the CD or tape player / changer, DVD or LCD monitors, cruise control, cup holders, ash tray, cigarette lighter, etc. These item will not affect our pricing.

We have full confidence in our vehicles, and love each one of them. In our opinion, you are purchasing a very nice automobile.  Professional pre-buy inspections are welcomed and recommended, regardless if you are buying the car from us or other dealers. Per state laws ALL VEHICLES ARE SOLD AS-IS. We are licensed & bonded by State of Texas and we operate under Texas rules and regulation. We will not be responsible for your state laws or regulations. Everyone's expectation of what a used car should look like, is different. It is your responsibility to ensure the vehicle you are about to purchase meets your expectations, regardless of the pictures, information and mechanical condition. Pictures are the primary way for us to show the vehicle condition.

Per state laws any vehicle 10 years or older will be listed as EXEMPT, regardless of the current mileage.  We do our best to explain the vehicle the way we see it according to the year / model. It is possible that we could make a mistake in our description. We ask that you review each picture very carefully and give us a call if you have questions about anything.

If you are in Texas, by law we will have to collect all Tax, Title & License (TT&L) and other fees. We will then handle the vehicle registration for you. Out-of-State customers will pay their taxes to the state vehicle being registered, however still need pay the Texas side fees. Please contact us for your total out the door price regardless if you are in Texas or not. Out-of-state customers, can usually expect the title within 7-30 days from the purchase date. Title may also be sent to your lender, if requested. All vehicles sold to retail customers will have a temporary dealer tag. Please note, fees associated with your paperwork are NOT negotiable.

Some vehicles may be eligible for an extended limited warranty (Service Contract). Any extended warranty offered is between the buyer, and the warranty company. We can only handle the initial paperwork and the payment for the warranty company. Also certain vehicles are eligible for certain coverage ONLY. Purchasing or not purchasing a warranty is your choice and does not affect the sale of our vehicles.

Most items listed above are common sense, and understood by 99.9% of buyers. At any given time our family drives any car in our showroom, so the miles listed maybe a little higher. We truly believe our vehicles are great value for their year/model. We want you to be happy with your purchase, without any surprises. Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions prior to purchase, or are not clear about anything listed on our web site. We'll go out of our way to make sure you have a wonderful experience.

So as you can see, we have made everything very EASY for you. When we say Click, Buy, Ship™ we really mean it. We believe being a small company has its privileges. At eDirect Motors, you will be treated with utmost respect. You may initially be a customer, but you will leave our place as a friend. We appreciate you telling your friends and relatives about your excellent experience with us. We as a family, are doing all we can to build this business on all the right principles, regardless of what the auto industry has done or doing. So remember, Your Next Car is a  'CLICK' away™ ...... hurry up and get it before someone else does.

Thank You -

eDirect Motors


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