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Find information about a vehicle you maybe interested in. Specification, consumer reviews, market pricing, Pre-buy inspection services and various vehicle history reports.



It is always recommended for you to do a professional 'pre-buy' inspection regardless of who or where you purchase your next vehicle. You can find a list of several mobile inspection companies below and there may be others as well. Vehicles will need to be inspected at our location. We do not allow our vehicles to be taken to other shops or dealers, and there is no exception to this rule. Out-of State Buyers are HIGHLY encouraged to use this service, since you are purchasing sight unseen. Our goal is for you to be happy with your purchase. 

Here are some companies we have found, there may be others as well:










Vehicle History Report

As you can see below, CarFax is not the only company providing vehicle history report. Often each report is different than another, hence the reason you should NOT purchase solely on info found in report - Get it Inspected -

Just click on their logo to visit their site:








Vehicle history report should be used as a guide. Remember these reports are only as good as the information provided from various agencies and the individuals hired to type them in a database for you. Mistakes do happen and that is a fact.  We do not endorse or can verify the validity of these reports. Our vehicle prices are NOT based on these reports.


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